Humberto Tan explains Serious Request-kitesurfer fixed

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On the barents sea, where Langeree kitesurft, it is very cold and in winter it is during the day but a few hours of light. Enjoy Kevin and Humberto fullest. “I’m here with Humberto to ridden. His passion is photography, mine is kite surfing. From the airport we still had a six-hour drive. We were still an hour and a half on the road, when we already have the northern lights saw. We are at a frozen lake stopped and I have -12 my wetsuit attracted to for Humberto to pose. That was for both of us to such a special moment!”, says Kevin enthusiastically.

Kevin Langeree world champion kitesurfing. “I think I am the first in the winter in this place is to go kiting,” he says. “This is one of the most violent seas in the world. The weather is quite treacherous and it is barely light. The cold, snow and the dusk make the surfing here is very special. Extra cool. I’m still all full of adrenaline.”


The world champion actually wanted around the North of kiten, at the monument at the northernmost tip. “But there was no fishing boat that wanted to sail out to me in the neighborhood of that point, because of the high waves. That is why I am a bit more south of the water merged, with gusts of up to force 7 or 8.”

With his action raises Kevin money for 3FM Serious Request. The radio station picks this year and funds for resuscitation in the Netherlands, protection from natural disasters and emergency assistance in war and conflict. From Tuesday until christmas eve to come 3FM-dj’s in action for the Red Cross. On the Instagrampagina of Kevin Langeree is a link to his doneerpagina.

Friday flies the kite surfer to go home, to Monday, depart to Cape town, where he trains. “I am indeed from the northern tip of a very end to the south. Of the cold to the heat.”

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