Hall of fame 2019 Radio 2 in character of the low countries

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The next edition of the Hall of fame of Radio 2 and auteursrechtenmaatschappij Sabam will also look at the Netherlands. Reports that the public broadcaster VRT. The Flemish singer Guido Belcanto and the Dutchman Henny Vrienten, frontman of Do But, to be on 21 march included in the Hall of fame for “their great significance for and influence on the Flemish music”.

The Hall of fame is usually focused on Flemish music and artists, but for the next edition an exception on the occasion of the exhibition “Long live the music! – 60 years of songs from the Low Countries”. That has been running since October in Sint-pieters Abbey in Ghent, and “leaves no possible doubt: the neighbors have played a big role in our music history”.

Therefore, watching the Hall of fame during a special edition is also on the border. On 21 march 2019 to lead radiopresentatrice Christel Van Dyck and actor and singer Jelle Cleymans the award ceremony during a live show in the Kursaal in Ostend in the right direction. Guido Belcanto and Henny Vrienten are then put in the flowers.

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