Grandson urges medals Roald Dahl on

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Dahl flew during the war missions for the British royal air force. He became in 1940 seriously injured when he crashed in North Africa. The acts of war of Dahl earned him four medals. The grandson of the writer, Ned Donovan, told me that a few years ago he went looking for that awards.

The man approached the museum of Dahl, but there was no one medals to have seen it. Also, the family knew nothing about it. The grandson then moved to the ministry of Defence, but got nothing more to hear. To the awards Wednesday, suddenly in the post sat.

Donovan gave the medals to the second wife of Dahl, stiefgrootmoeder Felicity. That was “overjoyed” and announced the awards under her pillow to will. It is not surprising to the grandson that his grandfather’s medals himself has not picked up. “He probably thought that terrible oncool was.”

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