Friend prime suspect Chekatt arrested

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STRASBOURG – The French police have a fifth person arrested in connection with the search for the prime suspect of a terrorist attack on Tuesday in Strasbourg. It’s according to justice, in Paris, to a 39-year-old friend of prime suspect Chériff Chekatt.

This had a close relationship with the beroepscrimineel Chekatt and they were previously together in the cell. Chekatt would he Tuesday at passers-by in the centre of Strasbourg shot at this friend in Lingolsheim, southwest of the city, spent the night. Previously picked up the police, the parents and two brothers of Chekatt.

The police on Thursday also with a lot of men came into action in the European district of Neudorf. The action is focused in accordance with the Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace on a street one mile south of the centre of the city. There seem to searches done by heavily armed agents. That have ’air support’ of drones, but according to the French media in these actions, no arrests have been made.

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