France must look forward to ’detail’

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STRASBOURG – The search of Chérif Chekatt is in a crucial stage. Is he tonight is not found, then it disappears according to experts, virtually all hope. French is asked to search for a shooter in which one detail in his description is very striking: the dark spot on his forehead.

The story behind the spot is at least as striking. Such a spot is in the Arabic vernacular of the zebibah called, and means, literally translated as raisin. In reality it is a dark, eeltige bidvlek, which is seen as a ’gift from god’ and only for the most pious muslims. The stain arises because muslims five times a day to pray, making the forehead especially 34 time touching the ground and there is a spot or bump is formed.

That speck is the evidence for the ’exaggerated bekeringsgedrag’ of Chekatt, a term which soon fell Tuesday night after the shooting in the heart of Strasbourg.

Criminal and terrorist

The 29-year-old shooter is one of the 12.000 ’gangster-jihadists’ that France would provide; they are both criminal and potential terrorist.

That is what is Chekatt a prime example of this. A long, criminal past, where more of the emphasis on radicalisation and ultimately terrorism. Born in a poor family, failed in school. Long unemployed. Convicted for assault, and burglaries. He would end up, in prison, is ’behaviour’.

’Exaggerated bekeringsgedrag’

That’s warders. They turn the national security forces in and confirming that the ’exaggerated bekeringsgedrag’ of Chekatt, after a visit to the prison.

However no one that there is actually something really happens; neighbors, acquaintances, neither. Authorities also do not. “In prison, he encouraged religion in radical form, but nothing in his manner of life suggested that he was planning also to act,” said the French secretary of state for Home Affairs, Laurent Nuñez.

On the radar, but not on leash

Many people have their doubts about the security forces; again, a terrorist who is known to the authorities, but his gang can go. How can that be?

Apparently it is impossible for all the thousands of criminals who, even radical ideas have to follow. At Chekatt, that is something else; he was referred to as ’Chip’s’ and was therefore monitored.

And yet. That same morning he would have to report in a new moordonderzoek. That he did not. Agents found him not at home, because also ’Chip’s’-terrorists-in-the-cap may not be available 24 hours per day to the leash of the government – they may not simply be picked up, without having to have something done.

By that new moordonderzoek was hot under the feet of Chekatt. He had yet another detention in the prospect. The stop beat therefore horrible by, so reconstruct it now.


Meanwhile the shooting two days ago. That reduces the chance that Chekatt is caught, significantly. “Time is running out”, confirms the French-Belgian terrorism expert Claude Moniquet.

“How critical those first 48 hours are, depends on the network and the intelligence of the fugitive. If they have a good network, it can particularly take a long time before they get caught. Just look at Salah Abdeslam or the shooter of Berlin.”

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