Fears for asylum Afghan athletes

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Kabul – Defence and Foreign Affairs sit in their stomach with the advent of an Afghan team to the Invictus Games. The Olympic Games for soldiers during a broadcast injured, be in 2020 in The Hague and Rotterdam held.

The Invictus Games will be in 2020, held in The Hague and Rotterdam.

Under the five hundred athletes from more than twenty countries, has also also a team from Afghanistan reported. The Hague is, however, concerned about the risk of that (a few of) the Afghans apply for asylum in the Netherlands. At the Invictus Games in Australia this year, was that also done, despite the fact that that country has a very strict asylum policy. However, once within the borders of a first application is taken into consideration.

According to a person is the most obvious option to get the travel visa or to refuse. “On the other hand, it is also sad that the good ones among the bad.”

Foreign Affairs let you know that asylum applications on their merits to be assessed’. “One of the elements that are always to be considered is the possible risk that a visa for short stay is used in order to seek asylum,” says a spokesman. “This applies also for international sport events in the Netherlands.” In 2015, refused Netherlands visa for the Nigerian team that wanted to do the at the football world cup for homeless people, the Homeless Word Cup.

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