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F1 champion Lewis Hamilton wants to take after his racing career learning new things

d20d8d70cfbfca97f9fe1f974c2af977 - F1 champion Lewis Hamilton wants to take after his racing career learning new things

Lewis Hamilton is not interested in the easy path to follow after his racing career, and the first the best job in the F1 adoption. “It intrigues me to learn something new,” says Hamilton.

The past year has Lewis Hamilton not been idle. In addition to winning a fifth world title was the Brit also busy with his fashion collection with a partner of Tommy Hilfiger and he wants to spend more time on charitable projects.

On a sponsorevenement of Hewlett Packard Enterprises dropped five-time world champion know that he still doesn’t want to think about his racepensioen. Yet he must admit that he looks forward to the fact that he new things would be able to learn.

“I don’t really know what there next to the F1 is,” said Hamilton. “Many athletes are in that case because they never have anything else done.”

“In my part-time life in addition to the F1, I try to find out what other things I want to do.”

“Of course it would be very easy for me to get to all the GP’s to come when I stop racing, maybe as a number two behind Toto. For years I raced, I know it as well as anyone else. But now I’m intrigued to learn something new.”

Earlier this year covenant Hamilton his fate to Mercedes until the end of 2020. That is no coincidence because as of 2021 will be the Formula 1 on each area otherwise it will look like.

“In 2021 will change the rules, the Formula 1 is currently in a dynamic transition with the new management,” Hamilton continues. “The agreement with the teams, where Toto is hard at work, will quickly come a point that there are renegotiated.”

“I put my ear as much as possible to listen,” concludes the F1-champion.

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