Eltingh: “That luxury we have in the us tennis is not’

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Jacco Eltingh

Favourite Novak Djokovic will get in his group to John cheney, who (2.08 m), Marin Cilic (1,98) and Alexander Zverev (1,98). “Yes, the top players are longer than they used to”, see also Jacco Eltingh, former prof and current technical director of the Dutch tennis federation (KNLTB). “More than ever, can be long-players to their length combined with good mobility. The long players were usually slower and less flexible, but today, even some tennis players from the top two metres quite fast and agile. Long players today are simply better trained and therefore more successful than in the past.”

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Eltingh continued: “I think that someone like Richard Krajicek (1,96 m, red.) still more successful had been, as he at this time had played tennis. He had been able to take advantage of the better training methods and better medical supervision. Long tennis players are often more susceptible to injuries because there are major forces on their joints.”

Clever training

The longest two participants in the ATP Finals, cheney, who, and Kevin Anderson, are not only above the two feet, but also older than 30. That is, according to Eltingh not a coincidence: “These long players have taken time to develop. They are not naturally fast and convenient, but can to a certain extent when they are long and sophisticated train.”

Long is an advantage in the top. Focus Eltingh in the training of the tennis federation also the visor on long talents? “Yes and no”, says the topdubbelaar from the previous century. “We don’t have the luxury to on length to select it. We focus our attention on all who in any degree of potential shows for the top. We also see that the trend is that top players longer, but there are always many exceptions. That we can and want to – literally – not to be overlooked.”

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