Ellen DeGeneres takes selfie with agent and escapes penalty

f2788b003b8389c22307344198919cf6 - Ellen DeGeneres takes selfie with agent and escapes penalty

The American comedian and talkshowhost Ellen DeGeneres has admitted that she is already a two time a fine has escaped thanks to its well-known name. “Sometimes it pays to be famous. I offered a selfie, and was just allowed to leave”, she told the talk show with colleague Jimmy Kimmel.

“I drive sometimes a little too fast”, indicates the presenter. “Sometimes, the limits are really low. I drove once 56 kilometers per hour where I am but 48 should, and was put aside by a policeman. He looked at me like he recognized, but asked for my driver’s license because he wasn’t sure.” When her identity was confirmed, if DeGeneres just leave. “You have done many good things for the world”, said the agent, according to the presenter.

“Another time, I drove really far to fast”, admits the Us then. “But the agent was ecstatic when he got me recognized. “My wife is crazy about you!’, he cried.” The hostess offered to put together a picture and escaped a fine.

“Sometimes it pays to be familiar”, reads the decision. “But I drive really safe hear,” says the popular tv face.

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