Ecstasy Happy Meal of a 4 year old boy

1fc6bb90adbcdde61eb5709b0ec6e963 - Ecstasy Happy Meal of a 4 year old boy

Texas – A four-year-old boy in Texas had his Happy Meal almost in another dimension experienced. He got Thursday namely an ecstasy pill in his McDonald’s meal.

The Happy Meal – without xtc – McDonald’s has been the favorite among children.

The boy saw the drugs on a piece of candy. The pill was at the last moment by his 11-year-old sister discovered. The parents of the children doubted not for a moment, and took the meal to the police. After laboratory tests showed the pill posititief to test for ecstasy.

The employee of McDonald’s that the pill – not accidentally – in the meal left behind, is arrested.

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