Cross-examined by Frank Masmeijer in courtroom

e6e697683c05b660eb46c3eb3f9d817e - Cross-examined by Frank Masmeijer in courtroom

ANTWERP – Former tv presenter Frank Masmeijer must be Thursday for the court in Antwerp to answer for his role in the smuggling of a party cocaine. He will be questioned by the defence of some fellow suspects.

The court in Amsterdam did earlier ruling in the overleveringszaak against former-tv-presenter Frank Masmeijer (m).

The occasion is the sudden confession that Masmeijer denied during the plea in his own criminal case two weeks ago. It’s this Thursday at an additional hearing by the Court of Antwerp is planned. Masmeijer is obliged to appear. The case serves to 14.00 hours.

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The court sentenced the cases, showman last year to eight years in prison because he tried to 467 kilos of cocaine from the port of Antwerp to smuggle. During the appeal, he admitted that a ’very limited’ role as a mediator.

Masmeijer insists he has nothing earned to the cokesmokkel and barely knew about it. His lawyer asked for a milder punishment.

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“Masmeijer last week, a little story telling. In his role as victim, he is even on his knees and sit down, but what he tells is consistent I think with other data in the dossier,” said lawyer Mounir Souidi of one of the fellow suspects earlier in The Latest News. “We as lawyers have, therefore, asked to Masmeijer to a cross-examination to subjects.”

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