Canadians for threaten safety

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OTTAWA – China says two Canadians hold because they are suspected of activities that endanger the security of the state. That has the Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday declared.

After the arrest Monday of the Canadian ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig, also disappeared, the businessman Michael Spavor, shortly after he had contacted the Canadian department of Foreign Affairs and by the Chinese police was questioned. The Chinese authorities made known that the two are stuck and are the targets of research.

Both arrests come shortly after the arrest of topvrouw Meng Wanzhou of the Chinese company Huawei in Canada. It is not clear whether the cases with each other, but China is angry about the arrest of a Mix. Observers feared retaliation from Beijing.

Spavor, who lives in the northern city of Dandong, would mainly deal with cultural exchange programs with North Korea. Also Kovrig, who works for the International Crisis Group was working on.

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