British parliament votes in January on Brexitakkoord

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The British parliament will be between 7 and 21 January vote on the Brexitakkoord of Theresa May. The vote was actually Tuesday to continue, but was delayed because the British prime minister, Theresa May not have enough support within the parliament.

“I don’t expect to immediately have a breakthrough, but I hope that we get there as soon as possible to begin working,” said May.

“I can confirm that the vote was not for Christmas will take place, but it will be as soon as possible when the parliament comes back (from the holidays red), and, of course, for the 21st of January,” said the spokesman of the prime minister.

“The government won the debate and the vote at the latest by 21 January to the house of Commons”, said the leader of the house of Commons by Andrea Leadsom Thursday. The delay is because the premier to listen to the debate in the house of Commons, and they return to the European Union’.

The vote was actually Tuesday night to continue, but it was clear to her that ‘a significant majority’ of the members of parliament are not the light to green for the deal that they are at the end of november with the European leaders had afgehamerd.

The house of Commons has christmas holidays until 7 January.

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