Bokstitel for Juvat Westendorp

e1df8050b53a56038878440826194076 - Bokstitel for Juvat Westendorp

Joey was the biggest favourite for the title in the heavyweight. In previous fights he had his business card issued. Juvat knew, however, a good first round and also in round 2, he met a number of times. Full of fire began the actor then on the last lap. Joey came considerably under pressure and had no answer to the attacks of his brighter opponent. Ultimately, it was a close call and went on to claim the title to Juvat.

“I just lost, I’m an asshole”, said the clearly disappointed Joey. “It was really tough,” said the newly crowned champion. He did not think that Joey is a good opponent. “He could well save it.”


In the lightweight went the title to Rein van Duivenboden. The actor was clearly a bit too big for the former cyclist Michael Boogerd. Michael knew Tuesday night only that he was in the ring had to appear. Dan Karaty, the man who him in the semi-final battle eliminated, could be due to an injury not to come into action. The ex-boxer Don Diego Powder trained Michael started fanatical, but Rein knew the attacks to parry and picked up always, dots. A wanhoopsoffensief in the last round of Michael could do nothing to change.

In the women’s race, the victory was to Jessie Jazz Vuijk. The model won actress of Saar Koningsberger. That happened on points. “It’s so bizarre”, stammered the winner right after her victory. “I’m so proud of myself!” Jessie struggled with her to hold back the tears. In the exciting contest pulled them the victory. After a flashy combination had to be the referee of the fight just to shut down to Saar eight count rest.

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