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Bitwala: The first German Blockchain account – press release

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Blockchain Banking with the
Safety and comfort of a
German Bank account started

The managed none Bank: Bitwala, Germany’s flagship currencies in the Crypto, the first Europe-wide banking solution for crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. For the first time can manage an Early Adopter and Mainstream users with the safety and comfort of a German Bank account, Bitcoins and Euros with the same provider. Bitwala starts the Onboarding of 40,000 customers who have already pre-registered for the opening of the first German current account with a built-in Bitcoin Wallet.

“This is a very important Moment for the banks – and the crypto-currency industry: money has changed the course of history permanently. Thanks to the ongoing digitization, we are screaming currently on the way to a hybrid future in which national currencies through Blockchain-based crypto-currency complement. We beat the bridge,“ says Jörg von Minckwitz, President and co-founder of the Bitwala GmbH. “Bitwalas strong Team has done an outstanding Job and one of the financial regulators, the regulated product is being developed, the traditional Banking and the crypto-economy. More than 40,000 customers have already registered for the new Bitwala account. And every day there are more.“

“We have managed to bring crypto-currencies under the protective umbrella of the German banking regulation. The proves for the first time that crypto-currencies fit in the regulatory framework that protects consumers and, ultimately, trust making,“ says Jan Goslicki, Chief Compliance Officer and co-founder of the Bitwala GmbH.

In order to obtain access to the Blockchain Banking services of Bitwala can register users for an account.

“We have been working for a year, tirelessly, in order to allow the new offer. That is why we are very proud of the performance of the entire Bitwala Teams and our unique Know-How in the field of crypto-currencies and Banking. Without the heterogeneous Mix of skills, career paths and experiences in our Team this would not have been possible,“ says Konstantin Werhahn, Chief Product Officer of Bitwala.

The easiest and safest way for Bitcoin & co.

Bitwala is now the easiest and safest way to manage crypto-currencies. Within the Online current account liquidity is faster and Bitcoins can be with just a few clicks traded. As with any Deutsche Bank account in Euro balances are protected up to 100,000 euros by law. The account is hosted by the Solaris Bank, the Berlin-based technology platform with a banking license. Thus, the BaFin and the deutsche Bundesbank for the financial oversight.

Bitwala Blockchain Banking

“The new Bank account offers SEPA Transfers, and at the same time, easy management of standing orders. A debit card for payments and withdrawals at ATMs. So Bitwala customers can use, for example, the account free to receive salary payments and to pay your rent or to shop. And if you are Bitcoins, is the liquidity on the same checking account immediately available,“ says Christoph Iwaniez, Chief Financial Officer of Bitwala.

“In the development of the new account, our customer in the first place. You do not have to pay more money to separate trading accounts, mostly outside of Germany, only about the lack of Deposit protection. In addition, Bitwala not need to cost customers no longer disproportionately high trade as well as long waiting times for withdrawals and deposits. With Bitwala is Trading in a fast, safe and reliable, and our conditions are absolutely competitive,“ says Ben Jones, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Bitwala.

Thanks to the Video legitimacy to the opening of a Bitwala account only takes a few minutes. Customers will need your identity card or passport, and answer the agent a few questions. This is in the context of an account opening is necessary, and as the Know Your Customer process, or KYC, is known.

New users, as well as 40,000 pre-registered customers will be based on your place on the waiting list guided through the Onboarding process. Already registered customers can view their Position on the waiting list here.

Journalists, bloggers and Influencers can apply for a media pass for early use.

About Bitwala

The was founded in 2015 Bitwala is the German flagship in the crypto currency market. Together with a partner Bank, will offer the Bitwala GmbH from November 2018, the first fully regulated Blockchain Bank account. Include Bitwalas investors High-Tech Gründerfonds, Germany’s largest seed investor, ALSTIN, the Investmentarm of the maschmeyer Group, the Digital Currency Group, a New York-based venture capital provider for the Blockchain and Earlybird Venture Capital and coparion.

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