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Bitcoin adaptation: 1.500 Restaurants in Denmark accept Bitcoin

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Bitcoin adaptation: 1.500 Restaurants in Denmark accept Bitcoin

Home News Bitcoin adaptation: 1.500 Restaurants in Denmark accept Bitcoin

Marcel Knobloch –

Despite the ongoing bear market, there are companies that have recognized the opportunities and advantages of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, and through an intelligent use of Bitcoin in their business processes and thus the Adaption is crucial. A food supplier from Denmark is to allow switched to Bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment., a Danish supplier to Restaurants and wholesalers with more than 1,500 companies in the database, has adopted Bitcoin as a payment method. The company tested several years the use of Bitcoin as a payment channel for their customers, however, there were 2017 a traffic jam in the Bitcoin Blockchain and the transactions have lasted very long and the cost are increased significantly. That’s why the Hungry Bitcoin eentfernt. Due to the progress in the field of scaling, and some Updates of this payment was recorded in the channel, however, (freely translated):

We have accepted Bitcoins been around longer as a means of payment. Last year, we have decided to remove the Feature temporarily, because the average transaction time was too long, and the experience was the best.

The problems have now been resolved, and we have added the Option again. handles the payment, so that you Bitcoins with all the on can use the found Restaurants.

So far, the company has made no official statements about how many orders were actually made, and the invoice was paid with Bitcoin, however, the demand seems to have increased. Not for nothing, the company has finally included Bitcoin in their payment portfolio.

Bitcoin accepted here: Global acceptance is increasing steadily

Bitcoin is an indispensable part of today’s world, so that the spread is increasing worldwide. According to studies by Larry Cermak, a Senior analyst at The Block, there are currently more than 13,000 Bitcoin acceptance locations worldwide. The largest share of them located in the United States, followed by Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany and Canada.

Even if the distribution is not arrived yet on a critical Level, the traditional financial system to face, increasing the dissemination and acceptance within the industry and the population daily. Progress in the development of the Lightning network are case positive. Cermak takes (freely translated):

If there is a bull market with high volatility, increasing the number of new merchants that accept Bitcoin. It is not clear whether someone actually wants to pay with Bitcoin, but the Option is available. It will be interesting to see whether the advent of the Lightning network, generate interest and Bitcoin for payments.

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