Big Brother lurks to ’stalkers’ during concert

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Nashville – Taylor Swift is sitting in her stomach with hundreds (!) stalkers. While they sometimes think anonymous behind the singer to be able to run, they are in reality meticulously monitored: the singer puts facial recognition in concerts.

A security system put on at the concert Rose Bowl, a few months ago, a newspaper stand, where images of the singer were shown. The visitors coming to the screens tuurden, were secretly filmed.

These images were sent to a ’command post’ in Nashville sent, where the images next to the portraits of hundreds of well-known stalkers were laid. In the process, face detection is used, writes Rolling Stone.

“Anyone who came would go to the images look. At that time, was the technology behind it”, explains Mike Downing of the Oak View Group.

The company keeps in its jaws stiff on each other. What exactly with the pictures happened and if the stalkers there has to be something about have heard, or noticed, is not published.

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