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Bad night for Standard: European power off and re-injury for Oulare

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The European adventure of Standard is done after a 0-0-tie in the Turkish Akhisar. The Rouches end up as the third but saw to make matters worse, Oulare after a short subbing again injured failure

Standard had been his fate no longer in own hands, and had to rely on a slip of Seville to the gates of the sixteenth-finals still open to beech. That scenario could, however, soon the trash in because the Spaniards were after just ten minutes already 2-0. There was Standard so nothing other than themselves with large numbers to win of Akhisar, the kneusje of the group with 0 points, and hope that Krasnodar with four goals in the boat went in Seville.

Laifis, Cimirot, Oulare, and Emond, disappeared from the team. So we got in a 3-5-2 set-up a defense with Vanheusden, Luyindama and Kosanovic. Agbo stood still, Sa should rush to start. Also Marin got a rise and the Romanian signed for the first danger, but his shot was just a warm-up for the goalkeeper.

The Turkish president had advance for the necessary motivation made with an extra premium and it was Akhisar in the wedstrijdbegin the most dangerous. Barbosa kicked off a unique opportunity at the height of the penalty spot, however, head-long. Standard got the ball but only pass the quarter of an hour could Carcela a first time really threaten. He week, however, just too far to the outside, making it from an angle which does not extend past the goalkeeper got: Lukac saved with the foot.

Akhisar acted strongly in the block, and came there after half an hour some times dangerous. First went Luyindama in the error on a deep ball but could Manu have just enough to interfere. The home team claimed a penalty but the Hungarian Ádám Farkas waved that away. A little later came the Rouches, if possible, even better when Josué to the second pole, and a cross from Manu but had to slip but who kicked the ball from half a meter over the goal…

On the other side headed home to Sa after a great cross from Lestienne but just about. Marin got after bad uitverdedigen still a good opportunity but score didn’t work in the first half.

Standard came the sharpest out of the dressing room. Carcela penetrated in the sixteen and claimed a penalty but again refused Farkas the ball on the dot. On the contrary, he gave the Moroccan a yellow card for a schwalbe.

However, encouraging news from Seville

In the meantime, was in Seville soon 3-0 and were the Russians with ten men after a red card for Krasnodar. In a fourth Spanish hit would Standard still knock and Preud’homme took: he brought with Mpoku for Agbo extra attacker.

The Rouches took the match firmly in hands and that also provided opportunities. Goalkeeper Lukac, however, it could still be just an unfortunate owngoal prevent and Orlando Sa was not happy in the finish: first came the Portuguese just lack a cross from Carcela and a moment later he kicked he ball from Mpoku just next.

Oulare right back out

The Liège storm then went on to lie and suddenly had to Ochoa still at work. Preud’homme put everything on everything to do with the contribution of Oulare, and Emond. Unfortunately fell Oulare soon after a hefty collision with the goalkeeper: the striker had only just returned after a long rehabilitation, but had to go with the draagberrie be disposed of…

Scored was not and, as is Standard disabled. In Spain, also 3-0, making the Rouches even after a victory had been disabled.

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