Apologies theater for angry Jan Smit

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The Association is already a few months being renovated, the building will get new dressing rooms and a green room. The planned concerts could “generally” just continue, “because the technical and publieksfaciliteiten are in order.” “Despite the renovation, the past few months thousands of visitors a fine evening at concerts and events.”

Thursday proved to be the major maintenance yet a spanner in the works throw. “When technical employees of john Smith and of The Society the materials wanted to enter, there were unfortunately still complications due to the verbouwwerkzaamheden. In consultation with the agency of the artist and the organization of The Association jointly decided to move the concert to a new date in January in the Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen.”

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Jan left Thursday afternoon through social media “not amused”. “I find it particularly disappointing that we here in no way heard of on the be informed!”, wrote the Volendam on social media. According to him, is the safety of his crew, who are responsible for light and sound, is not guaranteed. “I have such a thing in the past 22 years have never seen!”

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