Animatiefilmpionier Raoul Servais honored in Flagey

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“A portrait that is completely, that is impossible. Then it would be a movie of three hours!” As responded animatiefilmpionier Raoul Servais on the ‘Servais’, a portrait of the filmmaker Rudy Pinceel of him was made in the course of the three years to the opening, this year, of the Servais sacred exhibition in Ostend, Servais’ native town. His extensive oeuvre is now on permanent display in a wing of MU.SEA, next to that of the Ostend artists, James Ensor and Léon Spilliaert, some of Servais’ sources of inspiration. Yesterday, in the Brussels Flagey, this documentary proposed about the film on 1 may at the age of 90.

Pinceel had earlier in his introduction, especially the trust stressed that he is Raoul Servais had received, and of the Fonds Raoul Servais that his archive manages. Pinceel had a very objective portrait. In 30 days documentary is built around excerpts from a few of the movies, and shreds of conversations with the film in Belgium, a role fulfilled. So he founded the animatiefilmopleiding at the KASK in Ghent, made about fifteen short films and the feature film ‘Taxandria’, for which he, long before the digital revolution, the servaisgraphie thought. Only in a next movie, ‘Moths’, he would this new technique can fully use.

‘Servais’ from next week to see in Flagey, together with his short films. On the occasion of this homage, all 15 short films, including ‘Harpya’, for which he in 1979, the Golden Palm received at the Cannes film Festival, Cinematek restored.

Today, a dvd with all of his short films, and as an added bonus, the documentary. Recently published Raoul Servais is also a novel for next year, yet another new short film in the pipeline, with the German title “Der Lange Kerl’.

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