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Anderlecht close European campaign finished without victory after a near tie of half a B-team in Zagreb

b863ebc02d5f25cd0a3d62ff9cff2daf - Anderlecht close European campaign finished without victory after a near tie of half a B-team in Zagreb

For Anderlecht, was the elimination in the Europa League already a fact, the match against group winners Dinamo Zagreb on the slotspeeldag there was one no bet and that there was to see. A half B-squad gave the 300 fans little to warm up: a dreary 0-0 was the logical result.

Cobbaut was after months of injuries in the basis expected for Anderlecht, but the young defender was sick and was not even on the bench. The young Kayembe was allowed to start on the midfield and also invaders as Milic, Sanneh, Saief and Morioka got a chance to show himself.

A bright start from the visitors resulted in that, however, does not. Only after 13 minutes it was purple and white for the first time are likely after a sudden swipe of Bakkali, Livakovic, however, went well flat. Frank Boeckx should again raise the bar to sit in but was not really put to the test. Gojac took a revolting ball yet is still great on the shoe and that also seemed wonderful against the ropes, but the leather went through a small deviation is still in the corner next to it. On the other side was a bikkelende Santini has not been achieved and more was there – despite lots of good will from purple-and white – about the first half not to write it down.

Good will, but…

The same eleven of Anderlecht started with a lot of good will on the second half and under the impulse of a strong Gerkens put the higher pressure, chances produced however, it is not. The home team had little opposite, already threatened it a few times with a rake counter.

Hannes Delcroix got another playground and Amuzu came to an already disappointing Saief replacing. However, it was Kayembe those with a real zwabberbal by far the most dangerous type of made: the ball flew at high speed over the ground and surprised the egg so after Livakovic, who still lie down. In the slot curled Bakkali the leather is still inches on the farthest square. Goals there were, however, not.

Anderlecht close his European campaign so no victory: three dots ends the last in Group D, Dinamo Zagreb was already certain of the group’s profit and Fenerbahçe punch as the second through to the next round.

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