‘All I want for Christmas” remains the money machine for Mariah Carey

07ef1ce52f314d85448be03bc6e7f7d2 - 'All I want for Christmas" remains the money machine for Mariah Carey

Who this month, find it fast: the coming of Christmas also puts christmas music to re-emerge. Many musicians earn a nice extra penny on their kersthits. Especially Mariah Carey see at the end of each year the portfolio nice plot, according to research by the British radio station Channel Five.

Carey, of course, is not the only artist that does well in this period, but the amount they each year bring with her “All I want for Christmas’ does a lot of her colleagues might blush.

The English radio station, Channel Five went on to research and calculated that it hit her in the United Kingdom alone, around 450,000 euros per year in royalties has been completed. It thus stands at the third place of best-selling kerstnummer across the Channel. Also the Us magazine The Economist plunged into the kerstcijfers and came up with the conclusion that Carey worldwide more than 60 million earned on that one number.

‘All I want For Christmas Is You’ was released in 1994. In 2015 followed by a children’s book based on the song, in 2017 there was also a movie. Many artists among the number, too, which makes the number all the millions of views it got on YouTube.

According to the research of Channel Five have other kersthitjes also quite a few brought in. So brings ‘White Christmas’ by Bing Crosby every year 360.000 euro and ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ by Slade about one million euro per year – and that in Great Britain only.

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