Ajax sees group profit after spectacle go up in smoke

be4a726986a95336bf51ada4e1334a6c - Ajax sees group profit after spectacle go up in smoke

Disappointment among the Players after they in addition to the group’s profit have seized.

Ajax looked in a full Johan Cruijff ArenA quickly at a disadvantage. After a nice pass from Serge Gnabry has signed Robert Lewandowski for the opening goal. Just had André Onana is still handsome saved a shot from Gnabry.

Robert Lewandowski put Bayern Munich ahead.

The Locals had for rest, and by far the most possession of the ball, but to distinct opportunities. Bayern let Ajax come and lay in mistakes. Biggest opportunity for Ajax was in the 26th minute for Donny van de Beek, but he headed right into the hands of Manuel Neuer. And then immediately had to Onana again as a ministering angel to occur by a ball from Lewandowski with his body to stop.

After more than a quarter of an hour in the second half were able to the Amsterdam fans finally cheer. After a good attack was Dusan Tadic, who in the striker stood, close to binnentikken: 1-1.

Dusan Tadic runs cheering away after the equalizer: 1-1.

Ten against ten

Still more than twenty minutes on the clock came Ajax suddenly with ten man. After an infringement on the ankle of Leon Goretzka could Maximilian Wöber immediately rushes to tackle. Five minutes after that saw Thomas Müller in red after he is Nicolás Tagliafico with a rash karate action against the head of the kicked.

Maximilian Wöber sees red after a onsuisde action.

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Spectacular final

Ten minutes before time it seemed as if Ajax match at all to run. Substitute player: Kasper Dolberg was in the penalty area undermined and then Tadic take the penalty impeccable binnenschot: 2-1.

By a used penalty from Lewandowski was Bayern a few minutes for the signal again at the same height and 2-2. It was made even worse by a hit of Kingsley Coman: 2-3. In the seven minutes of extra time, he managed Ajax to the 3-3 to make it through Tagliafico, but there was no time for the group’s profit still to realize.

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