Agreement on cease-fire Hodeida in Yemen

570dc9582bd46c4ce6bc5a0a9987e265 - Agreement on cease-fire Hodeida in Yemen

RIMBO – The warring parties in Yemen for a cease-fire agreed to in the strategic port city of Hodeida on the Red Sea. That said the secretary-general António Guterres of the United Nations Thursday on the last day of peace talks in Sweden.

Guterres added that the agreement for the deployment of neutral troops and humanitarian corridors. A political framework in the form of a transitional government will be addressed in a next round of peace talks in January. Previously had already agreed on reopening of the airport of Sanaa and the restart of oil exports in the war-torn country.

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Western nations are urging the shiite Houthi rebels and the Saudi Arabia-backed government to take steps for a political process to end the war. Which has tens of thousands of human lives.

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