Again police in the European district of Neudorf

3774b25d903bd58a9132d81a6a5ab0f4 - Again police in the European district of Neudorf

STRASBOURG – The police is with a lot of men came into action in the European district of Neudorf. The action focuses according to the Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace on a street one mile south of the centre of the city, in the district of Neudorf. No-one is allowed in or out of a school in the neighborhood. There are apparently searches done by heavily armed agents.

It is not known what the purpose of the action is. The police are looking for the time being spoorloze prime suspect of a terrorist attack in the city, Chérif Chekatt. He shot Tuesday at passers-by and was last seen in Neudorf.

Therefore, there was Tuesday and Wednesday with a lot of police on the streets in Neudorf. When the attack fell, three dead and thirteen wounded.

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