After 17 years, defendant was arrested for murder, ” German Maddie McCann’

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BAYREUTH – There seems to be a breakthrough in the case around 17 years ago murdered girl Peggy Knobloch (9) from Lichtenberg, also known as the ” German Maddie McCann.

The 9-year-old Peggy Knobloch disappeared mysteriously in 2001.

The German police have a new suspect for the mysterious murder of 9-year-old Peggy to know to keep. It comes to the 41-year-old Manuel S., a father of two children. He is, according to German media earlier questioned by the German police, but due to lack of evidence it was nothing.

The undertaker would be in a new hearing – nine-hours – in september, have known the body of the girl to a forest. But Tuesday the court denied S. the girl to have been murdered. His lawyer makes an objection at the time of his arrest.

’The German Situation’

The young schoolgirl Peggy Knobloch (9) disappeared in 2001 without a trace. She is therefore also called the ’German Madeleine McCann”, writes the Newspaper. The blonde girl with the striking blue eyes walked in that day, as always, to the house in Lichtenberg, a village with a thousand inhabitants.

When her mother came home in the evening from work and noticed that her daughter still was not home, but she immediately alarm. There started a big search, but without success. The case held Germany in its grip. But a major investigation was never clear what exactly Peggy, that particular day is happened.


The remains of Peggy, it was only in June 2016 found, for more than fifteen years after her mysterious disappearance. A man who has mushrooms to pick, found her at less than fifteen kilometers from her childhood home.

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