Wiz Khalifa boxes with Evander Holyfield

db4e142397c3d509fde9cb87edcc3ac0 - Wiz Khalifa boxes with Evander Holyfield

Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa was taught by none other than boxing legend Evander Holyfield, reports TMZ Sports. Holyfield posted a photo and a video of the two online and in the video is the training session of the two to see.

Khalifa since he quite started to exercise quite a few kilos in muscle mass arrived, what made him great to work with. “I was always thin and that was okay, but now that I am older, I think it is nice to be a bit heavier.”

Wiz wrote earlier, a song called Holyfield, in honor of the boxer. One of the most famous moments from the career of boxing champion is a fight with Mike Tyson in 1997. Tyson snapped when a piece of Holyfields ear off.

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