Wife takes husband ’not clever enough’, it goes looking for zaaddonor

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Amsterdam – On Reddit has a 30-year-old man a painful, personal matter shared: his 26-year-old woman had presented a zaaddonor in the arm to take because their child ’more likely to have a good life’ would have. After two hours of discussion came the monkey out of the sleeve: she found her husband not handsome enough.

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“We talked about children, and my wife suggested a spermadonor to take because the child is then more likely would have to have a good life. I didn’t know what I heard and asked her for an explanation. They said that if the baby’s genes would have an incredible attractive and smart man that he or she is then an easier and happier life would lead.” The man adds: “you Try then, but not offended.”

The man says the find painful to hear that his wife him not handsome enough. It is for him, however, perfectly and thought they same thing about him thought. In his emotional commentary he writes as a man: “It is far, that I zaaddonor now already in the consider am.”

Remarkable turn of events

After the man’s story was shared with other Reddit users, he received hundreds of responses. He placed two updates, the story has a remarkable twist. He proposes in a first update that he has proposed in addition to a zaaddonor also an egg donor to use: “But they will find that at least one of us both biologically related and that it is better that the mother is.”

In a second update tells the man the discussion to have sparked to 04.00 hours in the morning. He wanted the situation to understand, but was very unpleasantly surprised by what his wife said to him. “I asked her if she has someone particular in mind as a donor, and she remained but a colleague tightening, a good friend of ours.”

It turned out that his wife had it for a time deceived with the colleague: “A married man who has often in our home is eat, whose hand I several times have shaken. She just wanted that our children looked like him – a handsome doctor.”

The man is the husband of the lover of his wife, for convenience, also informed. In the post, the 30-year-old said a separation will questions.

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