Who will get the final Dance As One?

d26b48fb1d4341883a2f3049d027d0a6 - Who will get the final Dance As One?

The elimination race has now really started in Dance As One. The ballerinas of Aira Ensemble had last week defeated and were by the jury sent home. That means that 4 danscrews still a chance to win the 50,000 euro: The Revolutionary from Brussels, 2SDC Crew from Boortmeerbeek and the Dutch groups of Oxygen and The CDK. Which 3 crews dance to the grand finale of Dance As One?

In the semi-finals on Wednesday, december 12, should the crews of up to 3 dances to a good end. After the free dance of each group explains to the jury, them 2 difficult assignments. In the second round, the dancers get to work with large shade screens on the stage. That they will have a place in their choreography. “We want to be a super synchronous play see”, says Nicolette van Dam and Niels Destadsbader. One of the crews blow the jury all the way from her chair and is rewarded with as many as 3 tens. But for what crew is that perfect synchronous schaduwdans play? And who takes as a crushing lead over his competitors?

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