US accuse China of cyber attack on hotel Marriott

671195f8f6de4def3736805a4235bc4f - US accuse China of cyber attack on hotel Marriott

The United States and China on Wednesday accused of a cyber attack carried out on hotel owner Marriott International. In addition, data from possible 500 million hotel visitors ended up on the street.

The news of the leak hit the end of november is already known. The hack began in 2014, writes The New York Times. He took place around the time that American insurance companies and government agencies are the target of cyber criminals.

“Our relationship with China is complicated,” said the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo on tv channel Fox, about the allegations. “They run spy and beïnvloedingsoperaties from here in the United States’,

According to Pompeo, the American government, the Chinese threats to the US’ to deal with it.

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