Two dead shooting Strasbourg, manhunt on 29-year-old offender

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Strasbourg – Update more information – In the shooting at the christmas market of Strasbourg on Tuesday two people killed. Offender Chérif Chekatt managed to escape and is still on the run. About him being increasingly more well-known: he was on a list of the intelligence services, had a proper criminal record and would rather be in Germany, have lived.

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The death toll from the shooting at the christmas market in the French Strasbourg is re-adjusted. According to the prefecture, there were two dead and fourteen wounded, of whom seven serious injuries.

Earlier there was talk of three and a short time, even four dead. All the victims were taken to hospitals in the city. One of the victims was a tourist from Thailand who just with his wife, in Strasbourg, had arrived. The culprit is still on the run.

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After the 29-year-old Chekatt near the christmas market with an automatic weapon opened fire, he would have a taxi may have stolen after the police arrived, and they fled, report French media. Also do messages around that Chekatt injured would have been hit in a shootout with the security forces.

Criminal record and grenades

Chekatt the French intelligence services, registered as a radicalised and violent. He had quite a criminal record and an ’exaggerated bekeringsdrang’. Also in Germany, where he previously lived, misdroeg he is, reports Der Spiegel.

The security services had him down as ’chip’s’: that label is the highest form of warning that there exists in France, and gives permission to control, but not to arrest.

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Tuesday morning still he would be arrested at home by agents to be questioned in the context of a murder case – at least, that wanted to be the police. The man was not at home, write French media. Were there grenades found and a long riffle.

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An eyewitness says on France24: “We were sitting in a restaurant and heard sudden gunfire. I have never experienced such a thing.”

Among the two dead is a Thai tourist: a 45-year-old man who, with his wife on holiday in France. The couple was still but a few hours before the shooting in the city arrived.

’Stay inside!’

The authorities called after the shooting the inhabitants of the region to stay inside, because the man is armed and it is not known where he is.

The fugitive offender Chérif Chekatt was born in 1989, in Strasbourg. He would the last time have contacts in the radical islamic environment.

The threat level in France is elevated to the highest level. The minister let know that the boundaries are strictly protected, to prevent the shooter out of the country flight. The German police reported via Twitter that the border crossings are stricter check.


Meanwhile, there are 350 agents deployed for the shooter to find. French helicopters keep the surroundings in the holes. As time passes, more and more feared that Chérif Chekatt not more in France. The minister says that this is ’not clear’.

Wednesday remains the christmas market close, reports the mayor of Strasbourg. All the festive activities in the city are also cancelled. The schools have Wednesday open, but there is no class.


The European Parliament will Wednesday morning a minute of silence to the victims to remember. Many members and employees were still at work in the parliament at the time of the shooting. The parliament announced a ‘lockdown’, which they the building until late in the night were allowed to leave.

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