Three dead shooting Strasbourg, manhunt on 29-year-old offender

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Strasbourg – In the shooting at the christmas market of Strasbourg on Tuesday the three people killed. The culprit is still on the run. That the French minister of the Interior Cristophe Castaner said.

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Heavily armed units carry out a raid on the perpetrator.

Previously, on the basis of politiebronnen reported that four people were killed. Twelve people are injured in the hospital, of whom six are seriously injured.

Castaner has also confirmed that the 29-year-old shooter is still on the run. There is a manhunt going on in a district of Strasbourg, after a 29-year-old man with an automatic weapon opened fire and people started shooting. Hundreds of agents are on the streets in the city.

According to information from the French newspaper Le Figaro called the alleged perpetrator of the shooting Chérif C.. He was born in 1989.

The news website reported that he was a taxi has been stolen and fled, but that is not confirmed by the police or the minister. Several French media also reported that there was a shootout between the man and the police was underway, but that is according to the police, not the case.

The authorities call inhabitants of the region to stay inside, because the man is armed and it is not known where he is. The minister has let know that the boundaries are strictly protected, to prevent the shooter out of the country flight.

Wednesday remains the christmas market close, reports the mayor of Strasbourg. All the festive activities in the city are also cancelled.

“We were sitting in a restaurant and heard sudden gunfire. I still have nooits experienced anything like this,” says an eyewitness on France24.

The German police reported via Twitter to be alert and a border crossing to have closed.

Public transportation around Strasbourg is Tuesday night shut down to the yacht to accelerate.

Castaner oversees the search from Strasbourg, where he sat night late arrived.

Linked to extortion and murder

According to the French LCI the man would Tuesday morning be taken by agents to be questioned in the context of a murder case. The man was not at home. The man is now searched in a case that is linked to extortion and murder. According to the same news site in connection with this case Tuesday morning, four men were arrested.

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