The warmest week of Blocks

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The year 2018 is the red thread during The hottest week of Blocks, because all the questions cast a look back on the past year. Ben Crabbé welcomes from december 17, the two strongest women and two of the smartest men of the last year back in the studio. Each candidate will compete for as much as possible to raise money for their chosen charity. Not only the prize money goes to charity, the proceeds from the sms and for the kijkersspel is integral to The warmest week. A text message costs this week exceptionally 1 euro.

Monday 17/12: Leila Van der Mauten us. Eulalie Groosman
Tuesday 18/12: Ewout Leys us. Jan van Soeren
Wednesday 19/12: Semi final 1: winner women usa. loser men
Thursday 20/12: Semi final 2: winner men usa. loser women
Friday 21/12: Final: winner episode 19/12 us. winner episode 20/12

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