The last life of overlevingskunstenares May

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Theresa May knows tonight for something after 21 hours or she was still prime minister of the United Kingdom. In a departure are only still a hard Brexit or a postponement of the Brexit on the table.

Is this fight too much for overlevingskunstenares Theresa May? The Conservative mps vote tonight, starting at 19 pm (Belgian time, about the fate of the prime minister. Something after 21 hours of must …

Is this fight too much for overlevingskunstenares Theresa May? The Conservative mps vote tonight, starting at 19 pm (Belgian time, about the fate of the prime minister. Something after 21 hours, the results are known. If 158 mps (half plus 1 of the Conservative group) the trust may terminate, May board the vehicle and must be the same members of parliament a new party leader and designate. That is right premier.

The first question is, of course, or May the vote survives. According to news agency Reuters have all 100 members of parliament said that they definitely trust in the prime minister to cancel. That is more than insufficient to make her get away, but likely that number is still rising. However, it is not certain that a majority is found. Although the dissatisfaction within the group is great about the way they view the Brexit vote in the house of Commons at the last moment, has been postponed, they know that May vote against huge risks.

Gambling on no deal

This vote determines the future of the Brexit. That stressed May this morning still in a controlled press conference. She said not only that they will do to the mood of winning, they also pointed rightly that her vote against a solution for the Brexit-division no step closer.

“The new leader will not have time to get a new deal and by the parliament to guide. The first act would thus delaying or rolling back of Article 50 (withdrawal from the European Union, eds.) while people want us to continue doing so’, says the premier

Unless the Conservative group resolutely choose for the hard Brexit. Then the deal May cancel and go for a no deal. But dare to challenge the members of parliament about that? The group of hard brexiteers around Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson is calling all long for, but they are absolutely not a majority. Notable: Liam Fox, the minister of International Trade and convinced brexiteer, let all know that he May continue to support. “This is absolutely not the time for a vote. The country needs stability, not discord.’

The question is: who has the ambition and the power to her to follow? Rees-Mogg has repeatedly said that he ambition not at all. Johnson has them for sure, but his figure arouses a lot of aversion.

No clear successor

There are circulating already, of course, lists of possible successors. If the party really have a hard Brexit wants, she can choose for David Davis, the former Brexit-minister of May. He is less polarizing than Johnson, but will not hesitate for no deal. Davis said this morning that he has a total new deal wants to present to the EU. But Brussels will probably be walking to send.

Want a majority of the party is a very soft Brexit, then they must be Amber Rudd, the former minister of the Interior, the shield is lifted. Other ‘contenders’ are Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom. They were two years ago, is also in the running to ex-prime minister David Cameron to follow, but had beaten against May. Both of them are convinced brexiteers, but they have by far the deal of the premier defended.

The new leader is not there immediately. First, the members of parliament, through several rounds of voting, the number of rivals to two back and then it is up to the members to the decision.

Also Belgium will be economic collapse get

If the dissenting the calls lose, May as breathing. Such a vote of confidence in them only once per year are organised. But a solution for its Brexit deal is still not. The house of Commons, there is still always about votes.

Also in Europe, fingers crossed, because no one benefits from the no deal. The economic consequences will also be hard felt. Calculations of the KU Leuven shows that a hard Brexit, the Belgian economy is four times as loud would take as a ‘soft Brexit’. The belgian gdp would in the long term by 2.4 percent decline, compared to a decrease of only 0.6 percent in a soft Brexit. The economic growth would be a hard Brexit coming years under the percent diving.

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