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The first Bitcoin account of Bitwala starts – Coin Hero

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The first Bitcoin account of Bitwala starts

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Matthias Nemack –

Today, it is so far: The service provider Bitwala has launched its Service for a so-called Blockchain account. The Bank’s customers can now combine traditional account-based services with the digital services of the crypto industry. About the announcement to the Bitcoin Bank account, we had reported here at the end of September for the first time.

Interest on the customer’s side was a large company speaks of 40,000 users

Was announced the new Blockchain-Bank account for quite some time. Bitwala had advertised, for the first time, an account with all the typical account functions, such as SEPA-transactions or cash withdrawals with the account belonging to the debit card, and cashless payments (Online), which can also be used in the management of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. About 40,000 customers had already expressed prior to the market start of interest and registration for the innovative account model.

Deposit protection will apply only to the Euro account deposits

The account offers a built-in Bitcoin Wallet, allowing the Bitcoin-trading in a matter of seconds. Through the account management the Partner of Solaris Bank must take account of users not Worried on the subject of Deposit insurance. The partner Bank is supervised by BaFin and the Bundesbank and regulated and is tied to the Deposit guarantee in the amount equivalent to EUR 100,000. For most of the private account holder, this is sufficient. Caution: Bitcoin loss in the Wallet are not naturally hedged with.

Germany is the only hybrid to be the first market of the account

In the home Bitwala their product is the best proof of this is that to bridge the gap between traditional banking and the growth market of crypto-currencies can succeed. Even if this is doubted by many critics. Who want to trade Bitcoins, you can do the funding of the Wallet in this case is conveniently via the current account balances in Euro. Likewise, the account may come, but for daily Postings and cash receipts. From the for the time being, German customers reserved supply could be starting next year, a Service for consumers in other European countries such as Austria, as it is said by the company to the Start.

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