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Team Sky hits cycling world stunned: the main sponsor stops at the end of 2019, survival and team uncertain

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Team Sky has Wednesday morning, the cycling world have been simply paralyzed. The British television network has decided that by 2019 its final season in the sport of cycling. “After ten seasons of unparalleled success we say goodbye”, it sounds in a press release. Sky adds that the team, if another sponsor is found, in 2020, will continue under a different name. For the Tour de France in July would be greater clarity about this.

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The sterrenformatie of manager David Brailsford, with top cyclists such as Chris Froome and reigning tour winner Geraint Thomas in its ranks, wrote since its start in 2010, less than 322 victories to her name. The team won eight large rounds, 52 other stage races and 25 one day races. Highlights in the history of the team, of course, the grand tour wins, respectively, Bradley Wiggins (2012), Chris Froome (2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017) and Geraint Thomas (2018).

“2019 is the right time to say goodbye”

Sky declares the cessation of the sponsorship of the cycling team “as a new phase in the development of the company”. Together with the management of the team will Sky be able to help in the search for a new sponsor.

“Sky is in the world of cycling stepped with the goal of success in the peloton to bring across the whole population,” explained CEO Jeremy Darroch. “After more than a decade (Sky started in 2008, his participation in the championships as a partner of British Cycling, ed.) I can’t be prouder with what we all have achieved. But 2019 is the right time to say goodbye and a new chapter to open in our history. I would like to pay tribute to Dave Brailsford and his immensely talented team. What they have achieved, but many are not even dreamed of.”

And now? Search for “the right partner”

Brailsford reacts grateful. “The vision of Sky was a clean, winning team, with British riders and a British staff. The beautiful results are the result of talent, hard work and perseverance. This was all never have been possible without Sky. Itself we look forward to a continuation of our project, if the right partner comes. But first, we focus on 2019. There is another challenging year to come. In it we are going to do everything to be with Team Sky again to be successful.”

No guarantees in open letter to fans

Via Twitter spread Team Sky in an open letter to the fans with more explanation. Therein were no guarantees for the future, but there may be a decision to be expected before the Tour de France in July this year.

This news will undoubtedly come as a surprise to many people, but as you might know, there is recently a lot has changed at Sky. It is the start of a new chapter for the company and sometimes it is inevitable that a change is still more change brings with it. That is what happened here.

In the past nine seasons has Sky our fully supported, so we have a number of fantastic results are achieved and millions of people have been inspired to our sport. We want Sky to thank for all their support, and in particular the possibility to Great Britain, to help a cycling.

First things First, nothing changes for next year. Sky is fully committed to the end of 2019, and together we have ambitious goals for the season. We all want the Team Sky story conclude with the strongest possible finish. We are more motivated as a team than we ever have been.

For the future, we are open-minded. If we have a new long-term partner able to find the team into a new era, then we will do that. And we will do everything possible to make this in the coming weeks and months. Similarly, would any future partner the right partner – someone who is our ethos, and our values endorse.

This news is just announced; we can’t predict what 2020 will happen and there are no guarantees. Whatever happens, we will ensure that one way or the other is clarity about the future of the team for the Tour de France in July.

Finally, thank you very much to all our fans. You are, and always have been, the people who matter most to us and who matter most. It was our privilege to be for you to courses. We are proud of our pages in the history books to have written and memories made that will never fade.

And rest assured, we are not yet ready. At this moment, the team is at training camp engaged in hard work in order to prepare for the next season. We can’t wait to have you all on the road to see in the new year.

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