Stormy Daniels should Trump almost $ 300,000 pay

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American porno Stormy Daniels must meet the American president Donald Trump more than with 293 000 dollar to pay, so a judge in California Tuesday ruled. The ruling comes in the wake of a trial for libel that the woman had lost. The American president demanded more than $ 750,000. The amount of with 293 000 dollar covers three-quarters of the incurred attorneys ‘ fees.

At the end of april continued Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, the American president, for defamation after he put her in a tweet had been accused of lies. According to Trump, had Daniels invented in 2011 threatened to have been by one of his employees, to mention a slip that they a dozen years ago, it was with Trump. The court asked Daniels in October to be in the wrong.

One of the lawyers of Trump labeled the verdict of the court Tuesday night as ” a complete victory for the president.

The lawyer of Stormy Daniels announced on Twitter, will file an appeal. “They are going to pay any cent,” he said. Lawyer Michael Avenatti pointed out that yet another lawsuit is from Daniels against Trump, in connection with the breach of a confidential obligation which they shortly before the presidential election had signed.

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