Special of Alloo by the Police

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Yesterday there were still 14 people without papers were arrested at a controleactie on the E313. Luk Alloo, zooms on Thursday 13 december in a special episode of Alloo by the Police – very strong this season with an average of 806.000 viewers (live +7) – in the transmigrantenproblematiek. The episode is fully dedicated to the exciting interventions of the anonymous agents of the Cell Patrol and Surveillance.

The agents of the CPT to ensure the judicial tasks such as thefts in trucks, illegal immigrants, illegal geseinde persons and vehicles, narco-trafficking, human traffickers, and so transmigranten.

So get the agents, all of which are unrecognizable in the picture, on Thursday the 13th of december a report of a truck driver who transmigranten in a refrigerated van saw climbing. “We deal with a lot of teams to go there because this is a dangerous command is to aggression and violence, and any conflicts with the smugglers. We know that a lot of those of smugglers are armed, ranging from maces, machetes, pepper spray to firearms. Smugglers have no sense of a living being, that interests them nothing. Nor of a transmigrant, nor a citizen, nor a policeman. They just want cash. A lot of cash.” How much to pay a transmigrant? How they get so much money? And what happens to them after they are arrested? The agents do it from the cloths.

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