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Spanish opposition party plans to crypto bill

Home News Spanish opposition party plans to crypto bill

Matthias Nemack –

Populist parties are always welcome. This is shown also in Spain, where Teodoro García Egea announced as managing Director of the people’s party, a design for a “crypto and block chain law”.

PP calls for the state to provide for the regulation

Efforts to ensure clear conditions in the case of Bitcoin, crypto currencies and the Blockchain technology, there are in many countries of Europe. The opinion of the British FCA-heads shows yesterday once more. In Spain it is now the people’s party, PP, is the power with the announcement of a private cryptographic bill attention. At some point, the next elections are finally in the house. Apart from their own ideas to the regulation of the Blockchain and crypto-currencies from A how to Augur to Z Zcash, the party has, according to its Secretary-General, a different target.

The national Council will take over responsibility for checks, and promotions

The draft law should include currencies, the demand for establishment of a so-called National Council of Crypto, such as Egea told in Interviews. The said Council to apply to the data and market surveillance and, in addition, equally for the promotion of companies with a connection to digital currencies and the Blockchain. Would like to submit to the party of the draft in the coming days in the framework of a session of the Congress of Deputies.

The consent of the other parties is not backed up

It is unclear unquestionably, whether the ideas have a good prospect of implementation. As an opposition party it could lack the necessary votes of the government parties. Because according to the Spanish media but, increasingly, investigations for tax fraud in connection with crypto-currencies, it is quite possible that the policy will draw Spain in the case of this topic together. Also to provide security for citizens in this system and technology. And in these (like many companies) has been a growing interest for crypto-currencies is steadily growing.

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