‘Shooting Strasbourg is without a doubt an attack’

48a72a66e5370284dec7ff126464a0e7 - ‘Shooting Strasbourg is without a doubt an attack’

Witnesses have the man who Tuesday night opened fire on a christmas market in Strasbourg ‘Allah Akbar’ shouting. That has Rémy Heitz, the chief prosecutor of Paris, Wednesday afternoon said at a press conference. Also, according to mayor Roland Ries is the ‘without a doubt an attack’.

The 29-year-old offender, identified as Chérif C. is still on the run after he Tuesday night, the fire has opened at a christmas market in the centre of Strasbourg. At least two people were killed, a third was brain dead declared, according to Heitz.

According to the prosecutor to have witnesses the offender ‘Allah Akbar’ shouting. ‘In view of the targeted spot, his way of doing business, the profile of the man and the witnesses who “Allah Akbar” heard the call, this is treated as a terreurzaak, ” said Heitz.

The man has not only shot, but fell even people with a knife. He came face to face with four soldiers, which wounded his arm.


Still, he managed to disappear into the streets of Strasbourg and a taxi driver to take hostage him to the district of Neuhof brought. He told the driver that he soldiers shot and ten people killed. When Chérif C. stepped out of the taxi, he ended up in a gunfight with agents, but still managed a second escape.

Four ‘relatives’ of Chérif C. been rounded up for questioning, according to Heitz.

The man is known by the police for stealing and violence. He was already 27 been convicted in France, Germany and Switzerland, and is thought to be radicalised in prison. During a search were next to a grenade, various weapons have been found.

Also Roland Ries, mayor of Strasbourg, came to the word at the press conference. “What here last night has happened, is without doubt an attack,” she said. There are still twelve wounded, of whom six are.

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