Rome admits in begrotingsstrijd with Europe

3a526ccf8b52ab78fd62c97499670110 - Rome admits in begrotingsstrijd with Europe

Italy does compromise in his begrotingsstrijd with the European Commission. The deficit for 2019 will 2,04 percent, and not the originally planned 2.4 percent.

That has the Italian government Giuseppe Conte, Wednesday night said after a meeting with commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels.

The European Commission had the targets of Rome rejected. Italy had a budget submitted which did not comply with the European standards for healthy public finances.

The government of the country wanted the budget deficit to 2.4 percent rise to any election to be able to run. The European Commission has approved the conceptbegroting, a unique measure. According to the Commission, which plans the national debt of 131% increase. Debt is the enemy of the economy, of growth and of the population’, said the French socialist Moscovici was there then. “We set the priorities of the Italian government, including the fight against poverty, not for discussion. But Italy must be debt reduction.’

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