’Robot’ is a man in a suit

bd19b27bca4516c0a736f74749f128d7 - ’Robot’ is a man in a suit

Jaroslavl – A ’hi-tech robot’ this week on the Russian television channel Russia24 was presented, turns out to be a man in a suit.

Not long after the broadcast summed up the Russian site Tjournal a number of questions about the appearance, such as: ’Where are the external sensors? ” and ” Why does the robot as far as ’unnecessary movements during the dance?’.

Later there were photos of ’Boris’ – such as the ’robot’ is called – shared on social media. That is clearly a neckline to see. The appearance turns out to be a project of the company ’Show Robots’.

The costume of the robot took, converted around €3335 and has a microphone and a tabletdisplay. The robot is told at the presentation to be able to count, but that he would like to want to learn math. Then he danced with the audience.

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