Reality show around football team of Daan Boom

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Daan Boom

The series offers a glimpse into the amateur football on the Sunday and the average leisure of the footballing amateurs. In each episode a team-mate of Daan central. Daan follows his teammates in addition to the match at work, at home and at the club.

“Despite the fact that we are there for about every game with embarrassing figures sound, the passion within the team is great”, says Daan, who last year with his team at the bottom finished with 104 goals against. “The Sunday is for many a form of relaxation and escape from everyday life. And despite the large karakterverschillen is the togetherness is great. Because whether you are a professional chef, you’re suffering from ADHD, or you’re a phd candidate in chemistry, we all have the same goal: ever-time champion. Here we go for.”

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