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Philippe Clement warns Genk for a crucial game: “We are not there yet, only qualification counts”

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Racing Genk is on the eve of the decisive match against the Norwegian Sarpsborg, Thursday evening (18u55) on the slotspeeldag in group I of the Europa League.

KRC Genk

13/12 18:55

Sarpsborg 08

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For the Genkenaars is the command clearly: a defeat to avoid against the still modest Sarpsborg, because then the European elimination is always a fact on the basis of the approximation results in a tie. With a tie may Genk, anyway, to the sixteenth finals of the Europa League, with a victory, the group’s profit within and they are also seed at the draw. “Everything is still open, but we are in the best situation,” said Genk coach Philippe Clement Wednesday.

“We had in advance drawn to the slotspeeldag only a draw needed to have. A draw force is now easier than must win. Though we are not there yet, currently we have nothing. Tomorrow/Thursday is only the qualification of tel.”

Genk had the previous day been able to qualify, but gave Malmo a 2-0 lead from the hands. A rematch against Sarpsborg. Calculated against the Norwegians, they walked in the heenwedstrijd against their only European defeat of the season. On a poor turf, they went 3-1 down. “To play so what revanchegevoelens, but also in respect of ourselves”, gave Clement. “We realize that We are there not our best game played, though that’s what the circumstances. In addition, we have also learned of this movement: against Sarpsborg, there should be enough duelkracht, otherwise we are in big trouble.”

“I look not to the past”

With 10 on 21 spits the engine in the league, European let Genk, however, is rarely a slip catch. In Europe the People at home since the beginning of 2014 undefeated, and each time Genk in the group stage of the Europa League reached, it could also advance to the next round. “In football the most important match is always the next: so I look not to the past. Something I do also not use to the players to motivate. They know what to do.”

Against Sarpsborg it will be for Genk already the 32nd race of the season, it is the only Belgian club that are still on three fronts active. The contrast with the visitors, could not be greater. The season in Norway is since 24 november last and has since played the club only once against Besiktas. “We will, therefore, a fit opponent to see, they have had time to prepare. In addition, they are only a couple of weeks still and they are sitting in their rhythm. So We know that it is a tricky match. However, We are hungry and want us to qualify.”

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