Nominees Musical Awards 2019 known

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Jon van Eerd

The Addams Family received nominations for best female and best male lead, with Pia Douwes and Johnny Kraaijkamp. They will compete against Plien van Bennekom, that chance has a chance with her role in Selma Ann Louis and Jon van Eerd with his own Charley, the comic musical in which he plays the leading role. Jon van Eerd also wrote the script and lyrics for The Addams Family and this makes also the chance of winning the prize for best script, lyrics, and translation.

In total, The Addams Family a whopping eleven nominations. Selma Ann Louis and The Pauperparadijs knew each six nominations in the prizes. The nominations are awarded by a professional jury, chaired by Cornald Maas. Also Irene Moors and Michiel van Erp is part of the seven-member jury.

The award ceremony will take place on January 23, 2019 in the RAI Theatre in Amsterdam and at 21.15 hours live broadcast by AVROTROS on NPO1. The gala is presented by Frits Sissing. In addition to the prizes of the professional jury there is also an audience prize awarded the prize for Best Musical.

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