Nienke Moor stood there during pregnancy only for

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Nienke Moor with partner Resley Stjeward and their little boy Frenky-Dean

Of the fourth to seventh month of her pregnancy was Nienke there alone. Her boyfriend was more interested in festivals than in his girlfriend and forthcoming baby. “A summer long has he been out,” says Nienke in a candid interview with Viva.

But also this story is not as black and white as it sometimes seems. Nienke explains that Resley very difficult was that he was so soon father would be, and so she decided to give him some freedom. “Go partying and come home if you can’t. There is one limit: do nowhere your tongue and your cock in.’

Resley followed her advice and enjoyed three months of his freedom. Exactly on time, he decided to return to Nienke; she gave birth four weeks early, her little boy Frenky-Dean.

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