Nicole Kidman donates half a million to the United Nations

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On the 80th birthday of her father has actress Nicole Kidman a half a million dollar (440,000 in euros), was donated to a fund of the United Nations. That fund has as its goal an end to violence against women.

Dr. Antony Kidman’s birthday coincided with the Day of the Rights of Man. To his memory to honor, decided his daughter to make a personal donation to the UN fund.

The Oscarwinnares (in 2003 for her role in The Hours) is a U. N. Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, made the donation, announced during a speech before the global organization in Santa Monica, California.

“I have survivors met the most unspeakable violence have experienced. But I still got them, through the U. N. Trust Fund, their pain to see overcome, and their courage to see recovery in order to look to the future. I am here today to make this work to continue and the voices of female survivors through the media, to strengthen and to help raise money for programs that approach this,” she told him.

Kidman’s father died in september 2014 after a fall while visiting Nicole’s sister Antonia in Singapore. “My father fought for the human rights. Congratulations pa. I miss you,” said Kidman.

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