Nick Cave calls boycott against Israel ’cowardly’ and ’outrageous’

44790f73923c603563c8be32b6a57902 - Nick Cave calls boycott against Israel ’cowardly’ and ’outrageous’

Nick Cave

Last year had a Cave with his band The Bad Seeds two shows in Tel Aviv, giving him a torrent of criticism has resulted from artists such as Roger Waters, Thurston Moore and Brian Eno, who oppose the occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel, and therefore refuse to be in the country to act.

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“Stay faithful to your support for those Israeli attacks on Gaza have fought’, was read in an open letter to Cave. “Stand for freedom.’


In an e-mail to Eno, known by Roxy Music, writes Cave: “I support the current government in Israel, just like that, my decision to be in the country to act on any form of tactical support for the policies of that government.” The singer adds that he “is aware of the injustices that the Palestinian people” and hopes “that their suffering is ended through a comprehensive and just solution.”

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Brian Eno

According to the Australian songwriter – who stresses that he is about 150,000 pounds liefdadigheidsgeld has picked up for the pro-Palestinian Hoping Foundation – is precisely the “cowardly” and “outrageous” boycott is one of the reasons that he is in Israel occurs. “Not because I have a specific political preference, but because I am opposed in principle to people am that musicians bully, embarrass or put them in silence, trying to impose”

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