New single Avril Lavigne

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Avril has already the cover, the title and the tracklist of the new album, Head Above Water, revealed. The singer is in her element her new album. “I’m on this album is much more open than on my previous albums. Every song tells an own story and I hope that they will inspire.”

Tell Me It’s all About, according to Avril about are strong enough to put an end to a relationship that you know that that is not good for you. “If someone is not treated the way you deserve, it is time to not” go on, ” she says. Avril understands that such a relationship is very difficult. “The text is very fragile. While writing this I thought back to the bad relationships behind me.”

Tell Me It’s Over is the successor of the 125 million streams of very well-received first single ‘ Head Above Water. The title song of her new album was her first released music in five years.

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