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NBA star Stephen Curry don’t believe in the moon landing, NASA invites him to

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The American basketball player Stephen Curry, triple NBA champion with Golden State Warriors, does not believe that there ever people on the moon have walked. In the basketbalpodcast ‘Winging It,’ said Curry and his team mates that he is not in the moon landing believe, and that it’s all a conspiracy. The American space agency NASA is inviting Curry to a visit at the space center.

“We would be very happy if mr. Curry, the next time his team against the Houston Rockets play, a visit to our lab in the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston,” explains NASA spokesman Allard Beutel in an official statement.

“We have hundreds of pounds of moon rocks stored, and also all the data from the Apollo missions. When he comes to visit, mr. Curry see with your own eyes how we were 50 years ago on the moon, and what we now do to in the future return to the moon and to stay there”, the statement further.

It is not the first time that NASA to deal with ‘non-believers of the moon landing. On its website, NASA has therefore dedicated a separate page to everyone who does not believe that there was ever an astronaut foot on ground has been put on the moon. According to NASA, the congratulations of the great enemy Russia after the moon landing the best proof that it really occurred.

Stephen Curry on Twitter at the invitation of NASA responded with a smiling emoticon with sunglasses.

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